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You are under  one of England’s most prestigious educational institution: 

UKegitim cooperates with Global Study Academy, England’s most prestigious educational institution. Global Study Academy guarantees our students to undergraduate and graduate university education as a distance education or to place students in UK universities and formal education in UK universities.

Way to be the Youngest University Graduate with a UK Diploma

* Almost all universities in England consist of 3 academic term years. For this reason, a student enrolled in the University programs offered by the Global Study Academy through distance education (completing the age of 16 and having to study at high school for at least 2 years) has the chance to start simultaneous university education in England while continuing his high school education. Thus, when his peers graduate from high school, he will be able to become a senior student studying in England by making an unconditional transfer to a university in England in the last academic term.

* Since a student who will start early university education (who has completed the age of 16) is not a high school graduate, they enroll in the International Foundation Program (University Preparation Program), which is offered by the Global Study Academy and lasts for 6 months, and they are connected to this education from home. If the student demands, this education can be taken in a college or a university in the UK in the form of formal education. However, there is no difference other than the fee for distance education or university preparation program in England.

* University 1st class graduated high school a student will read from Turkey to the UK even though international foundation program or to read it, which is equivalent to A-level program is required. However, if a student graduated from high school students from Turkey in this matter, including the university distance education program with a university foundation program does not call the international transfer condition for the last year.

* As a result; If a student will start a university in England at the age of 16 or if he is a high school graduate and will take the first year of the university in the form of formal education in England, the international foundation program is required. If a high school graduate student will start at least his first year with distance education, many universities do not seek an international foundation requirement. The international foundation program of the UK Global Study Academy, our solution partner in England, takes about 6 months.


* With the privilege of Global Study Academy, you can enroll without requesting an IELTS grade in 13 universities with which Global Study Academy has an agreement, .

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