Teacher Training (QTLS)

Teacher Training (QTLS)

For this program you do not have to be teacher, and also anyone  who has passed from the 2nd to the 3rd grade at education faculty (with a 2-year transcript in their hand) or the students who have graduated from at least 2 years of high school and any 4-year department to teach in many countries, especially in England. We offer QTLS (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills) certificate training in the most economical and fastest way. This education you have received is approved by the UK OFQUAL. We are working with “International T15” group at the point of recruiting our new teachers following the certification. If you want to teach in many countries, especially in England, apply to this course first, after completing the course, our institution will apply for your QTLS certificate. When the certificate if QTLS by adding a letter from the institution you work on your CV if you have the right to work in Turkey earlier will have priority in the school very quickly at the point of demand. You have the right to receive this study both as distance education (6-9 months) and in England. Currently in the UK the price range of 4500-9000 £ (GBP) ranging from the study fee is for a short time reductions for applicants.

Program Fee:

  • Teacher Training Registration and Course Participation Fee Only:

It costs £ 2280 (GBP) to enroll in this training program and attend only training through the module. A student who chooses this option can only follow the lesson as a listener, and send their questions to their teacher by e-mail. Assignment (homework) is sent by the teacher in certain periods via mail. Assignments written by the student are directly evaluated by the teacher.

  • University Registration / Class Participation / Private-live meeting with the teacher 1 day a week / 1 year English Education and Intensive IELTS Education Fee in England:

In addition to enrolling in this training program and participating only in the training through the module, there is a chance to have a private-live meeting with the teacher for 8 hours a day. In addition, a special university education package supported by 1-year English language education and intensive IELTS training in England has been created. The tuition fee for this university education package for 1 year is 4280 £ (GBP). A student who has this training package can discuss the topics explained by his teacher in private-live meetings with his teacher, ask the subjects he does not understand online, discuss the assignment given by the teacher, correct the mistakes of the student, if any, and arrange the assignment again.

Pre-registration procedures are made to our institution, after pre-registration is made, after the pre-registration acceptance is approved by the UK Global Study Academy, the payments are made to the UK Global Study Academy

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Western Union


After the payment, the final registration process has been completed.

(An Important Reminder: There is a significant difference between the fee information provided by our educational institution partner Global Study Academy in England and the fee information provided by UKEducation. The reason for this is that during the process of leaving the European Union (Brexit), the education scholarship funds are reorganized, and in this context, as a result of the decision taken by the Academic Board Secretariat of the Global Study Academy, our international students who will enroll through UK education in August, September and October It has been decided to include tuition scholarships ranging from 1820 £ (GBP) to £ 3060 (GBP).

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Teacher Training Lessons :

  • Developing teaching, learning and assessment in education and training
  • Evaluating learning programmes
  • Teaching, learning and assessment in education and training
  • Theories, principles and developments in education and training
  • Understanding and managing behaviour in a learning environment
  • Wider professional practice and development in education and training
  • Inclusive practice
  • Manage learning and development in groups
  • Developing, using and organising resources in a specialist area

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