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Football Training at Arsenal FC


Business Strategic Management / MBA


IT and Computing




Teacher Training

Health & SocialCare

Hotel & Hospitality

Accounting & Finance

Business Management

Class-Free English


Preschool Specialist

Health Specialist

Pain Specialist

Emergency Nursery

Cyber Specialist


OFQUAL Approved

We offer one of UK’s most economical OFQUAL approved university program.

Distance Learning / Online

We provide education from the distance education platform to our students who request distance education.


In the diplomas of our students who graduate with distance education, the phrase “distance education / online” is not written on their diplomas.

Universities without IELTS

We place our students who want to get formal education in England to UK universities without requesting an IELTS grade.

Early University

Without a high school diploma, we start university education for our students who have completed the age of 16 with only 2 years of high school transcript.

Working Visa in England

We support the preparation of the necessary documents for the issuance of a 2-year work visa to our students who graduate from UK universities.

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