Classroom-Free English Summer Camp

Daily Necessities and Shopping

During this phase of the Classroom-Free Summer English Camp, you will participate in most of the activities that take place in our daily life. You will visit shops and supermarkets to practice your English more and learn how to use expressions and words for items in shopping. You will also learn where and how to find discounts and promotions.

English Activity in Garden Arrangement

At Classroom-Free Summer British Camp, you’ll be pruning, cropping, planting, mowing, growing seeds, removing weeds and intermingling with the soil. In short, you will use all the words to get to know them. We will name the tree you planted.

English Activity in Bank

During this phase of the Classroom-Free English Camp, you will be directed to one of the real banks operating in the UK. During this phase, you will learn how to open a bank account, deposit and withdraw funds, and other banking services. You will learn how to express it all in English. This session will increase your English speaking, comprehension and vocabulary.

English Activity in Restaurants and Ordering Fastfood

Have you ever ordered food for your English class? During this phase of the Classroom-Free English Summer Camp, you’ll practice more English while enjoying your meal. You will also learn how to pronounce appetizers, starters and sauces, making changes to the previous order while experiencing a British restaurant culture.

English Activity in Police Center

During this phase of the Classroom-Free English Summer Camp, you will learn how to stay safe in the UK and seek help from the police. Also, what are the public concerns? In what situations, how and with whom should you contact? You will learn the answer to all these questions by experiencing and contacting a policeman.

English Activity at the Post Office and at the Cargo Company

During this phase of the Classroom-Free English Camp, you will be taken to one of the official post offices in England. You will learn how to express postal and courier shipping in English. Do not worry! We will always be there to help and explain everything you need to learn.

English Activity in Technology

In today’s world, children know how to use technology as an innate talent. How would you like to use this practice to help you practice your English? You will learn English technology terms and expressions. They may all be familiar to you, but at the end of this phase, you won’t be afraid to talk about them in English.

English Activity at Tailor

If you have a tear in your outfit, need to tighten your pants, or make other changes, can you explain your problem to the tailor? Can you understand the questions to ask? You will learn by living this phase.

English Activity in Transportation and Ticketing Processing

During this phase of the Classroom-Free English Camp, you will increase your English level by learning how buses, trains and subways work in England. You will also learn about public transport timetables, daily, weekly, monthly, special tickets and where to buy them. Traveling in and around the UK will no longer be difficult.

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